As Fall Comes to New England

Summer passed by so quickly this year, and we hope that you had a great time outdoor enjoying the sunshine. We have heard quite a few times this past summer that people wish they had nice outdoor spaces. Play lawn for the kids, outdoor patio for entertaining visiting families and friends, or simply a relaxing place enjoying the lake view. The good news is they can have those next summer, if they start now. Fall is the perfect time to hire landscape architects to improve your outdoor living experience. Most of the times, big improvements will need surveying and permitting done. No surveyors like to survey your property in the winter when the ground is freezing, and the snow covers a lot of important features of your sites. Starting early will also provides some room to get necessary approvals for the permitting of the proposed improvements. Then, soon when the weather and ground condition allow, construction can take place to get the outdoor spaces ready for your summer enjoyment.

Or if you already have a set of nice outdoor spaces, fall clean up such as weeding and winterizing your irrigation system, or replenishing the mulch for winter protection can be done to ensure you give your garden good preparation for the next growing year.

Call us or contact your landscape architect or your landscape contractor to prepare and plan out your outdoor spaces next summer.